Brooklyn: film backstage for the Pois Gras’s shooting

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While I was working as a lighting technician for Pois Gras, for a shooting inspired by the film Brooklyn, I took the opportunity to make a quick test with my Fuji DL-200 II and an Agfa Vista 400 film.

I just wanted to evaluate how this film reacts to the warm light of sunset.

The photos become more vivid and saturated and the colors richer as the sun was declining and the warmth of the sunlight increase.

You can read the Pois Gras post with the beautiful photos by Paola Saia here: Un look new vintage ispirato al film “Brooklyn” (sorry only in italian)

Thanks to Isabella Novati who posed, to Sara Pamio who took care of clothes and accessories and to Paola from Pois Gras who personally made makeup and wigs.

Yashica ML 50mm f1.9 + Agfa Vista + Bad Frog

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I was at a free live show in Piacenza and in my bag i was carrying one of my “Photo Shove” film cameras and my Yashica FX3 super 2000.

On stage, in the town square, the Bad Frog was entertaining the audience with their italo-punkrock but unfortunately, in a location like that, it was virtually impossible to hope that there was some pogo or crowd surfing.

Thanks to the headliners rigs, the light set was more “professional” so I decided to take some pics with my SLR: I was testing a roll of AGFA Vista 400 pushed to 1600 and a 50mm f1.9 ML Yashica lens!

We must consider that I was shooting at F1.9 and F2.8, so my DoF were approximately between 1 to 2 meters and that the manual focusing in this low light conditions is really hard to do.

However I’m surprised about the results! Both the lens and the film have returned god colors and sharpness!!

Next time I’ll have to take more shots and try to push the AGFA to 3200! (HERE you can read about the first failed attempt)

Oh and I’m on the hunt for another ML Lens (maybe a 24mm)!

Hurtcrafts zines at Canzine 2015

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Thanks to Legacy Zines, Hurtcrafts will be present at the Canzine 2015.
At the Legacy table you will find, among other great zines, my own Archetypes of Rebellion + HoMe and CanUearMe by Andrea Colombo

All of that at the Canzine Central Saturday October 24, 1pm-7pm at the Millenium Library, Winnipeg

That’s one of a three day event, Canzine Central is made in partnership with Broken Pencil magazine and Winnipeg Anarchist Bookfair (HERE more info about all the 3 events)