Skinless Winter Thoughts

SWTpromo01_WP10 pages, laser printed

cut, folded and stapled in handicraft way (take a look HERE)

Limted edition of 50 copies

€6 + shipping costs

To order contact me HERE

Skinsless Winter Thoughts is a photozine inspired by and dedicated to the music of Concrete, a hardcore band from Italy.

The first images of a heavy (heart) winter, caught my eyes while I was linstening to the songs “Three… e poi Piove”, so I continued to listen to this songs in loop like a mantra, over and over again, searching for inspiration in my photo archive.

During this kind of strange meditation, I made associations twisting words and concepts, finding the perfect match in the powerful body action of Marta Lodola.

Music, words, nature and body became a photozine that spreads far away from the initial inspiration, but returning back to a tribute to the music of Concrete.

To see more goodies from me and from Andrea C. please go to the HurtCrafts Blog

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