Tips, tricks and flips to bend the machines to our will

Cheat the light meter: under and over exposure in TV & AV cameras - When a camera works in TV or AV, preventing us from acting effectively on shutter times and apertures, there's only a parameter that we can adjust: the ISO value
Color film pushing disaster - Well, I had already pushed the Vista 400 to 1600 ISO why not try to push it to the extreme: 3200 ISO. (A "not so good" idea after all)
The Exposure Value - A unique number obtained by using a mathematical calculation that indicates the brightness of a scene: scary but useful!
How to hack the DX code - Hack the DX code: an easy way to control the ISO value with automatic P&S cameras!
Metering without a light meter - In old film cameras sometimes happens that the exposure meter batteries runs out, or that the selenium cells pass to a better life just at the wrong time or simply that the camera does not have a light meter! How to solve this problem?
Downtown Boys & dealing with red lights + color film - Downtown Boys gig in Milan and how to deal with red lights and a roll of AGFA Vista 400
Pocket Full Of Fatcaps: Il Valore di Esposizione - Il valore di esposizione o EV (Exposition Value) e come usarlo
Pocket Full Of Fatcaps: Hackerare il Codice DX - Come agire sulla lettura automatica degli ISO facendo credere alla macchina quello che vogliamo noi
Pocket Full Of Fatcaps: Esporre Senza Esposimetro - Come esporre correttamente senza usare un esposimetro