Film photography against greed!

I’m a big guy (ok I’m fat but i’m on a diet, I swear).

I usually do not overeat, but sometimes, with the right food, i just keep eating, even if i’m satiated, because i’m loving that food, or because, just like the cherries, i wish that the next bite will be the perfect one, more sweet, more crispy, more tasteful…

I’m (among other things) a street and event photographer, and, before I began shooting with film, I was a greedy shooter.

300 or 400 shoots for one concert, always hoping to catch the perfect timing and lights, 8 gigabites of street photography in an afternoon just to have 3 or 4 meaningful shots… it was a crazy behaviour, now i understand.

The results?? At the beginning maybe 3 or 4 good shots out of 40, sometimes even bursting the hell out of my camera… then a lot more good pics, but always a small percentage compared to the total number of shots.

scan_20161005_0012So i was, nope, i am still nauseated by the amount of useless images in my hard drive…

Now things are changed, I shot only film and a roll of film has a cost, developing it has a cost, scanning has a cost (unless you have a scanner).

As i’ve explained HERE film photography needs a different kind of approach.

In 2 or 3 hours of walk i shoot more or less a dozen of frames, in an entire live show around a roll (and usually not at the band, but in to the mosh pit, as you can see HERE, where catching the right moment between shoving punks is really difficult)

Now in a roll I can obtain, more or, less a dozen of “usable” photos and sometimes up to 3 really good shots!

I’ve leanerd to wait and not rush, listen and not just hear, watch and not just see.

0005287-0011You can do all of this even shooting digital but believe me: money is a powerful means of persuasion, especially when, for the greed to take pictures “just hoping that..” you have thrown away frames, development and scanning!

There is also a more philosophical implication, a more significant set of factors that are moving inside, like when you put on a diet: you start looking for a “good excuse”, for example, I wanted to start over to ride a skateboard, but then you realize that the benefits are greater… but I’ll talk about this later.

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