Wide, large, it captures a lot more than the subject

I have to learn to think about the whole scene: the relevance of the background

With all this visual field it is difficult for the subject to “fall out of frame”

I can also shoot without looking through the viewfinder trying new perspectives *

If I want to isolate a part of the scene or the subject, I need to get closer

I enter into the scene and I am forced to become a part of it

I need to know what’s happening to be able to move in the scene both physically and emotionally, and not just to suffer it

I have to learn how to mix techniques and emotions. I need to know how to estrange myself from the emotional flow and, at the same time, to be part of what’s happening, because this is (one of ) the way to get the best shot (and is not a small thing !!!)

* Probably someone will curse and excommunicate me for this statement … who cares, I do not like to put limits to creativity!

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