The “other” side: against film photography!

Many of the today’s “film enthusiasts” have started to use it because of the hype of Lomography trend! Others believe that a return to the roots could improve their technique or someone else may say that the colors of film are more vivid and rich than in digital (and there’s something to argue about this)

Here, for example, there’s a link to a great article about film renaissance in fashion photography !

But, among the fashion photographers, there is also someone who says that film is horrible, slow and cumbersome!

Take a look on the “other” side and read the full article by The Phoblographer HERE

3 thoughts on “The “other” side: against film photography!

  1. Victor Bezrukov, photographer says:

    I read this article about “horrible” film photography expression and really understand the writer. Plus absolutely agree that film photography is not for a mass plus digital is mich better to nstart in photography. One can learn very fast the exposure triangle in real time. Thank yoi for all links

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