Film vs digital vs hybrid? 

Have you ever thought that what you see on the screen of your device is only a “digital representation” of a film photo!?

And so it is also your scanned and digitally printed films!?

Just think about how the color settings of your monitor, scanner and printer translates the colors of your negative, what is added and what is taken away…

And it goes like this:

Pure digital photo: digital camera → laptop → printer.

Pure film photo: film camera → develop → darkroom.

Hybrid: film camera → develop → scanner → printer!

Do you really want to be cool with your friends because you do analog photography? Feel the need to be a true and pure oldschool photographer in this digital world? You like the grain and the colors of the “true” photography? WELL, when you show your film photos to your friends, put away the iPhone and pull out a photo album printed in the darkroom! 


You might stop to show off and start to have fun and create in every way that you want/can! 😉

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