ZINES OF THE WORLD, Photo edition 2015

My photozine Archetypes of Rebellion + Home and CanUearMe by Andrea Colombo will be featured at the Zines Of The World exhibition @ the Doomed Gallery in London from 23.7.’15 to 26.7.’15  (Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/466976266795828/)

NB you can buy my zines and the Andrea’s ones @ Hurt Crafts and @ Legacy Zines


“Doomed Gallery and The Photocopy Club present ZINES OF THE WORLD, Photo edition 2015.

Doomed gallery and The Photocopy Club have teamed up on an open submission exhibition project for the photographic zine scene. Over the last 2 months zines have been coming in from all over the world to the Doomed Gallery, based in Dalston, London. With over 200 submissions coming in by the deadline the exhibition is now  to open at Doomed Gallery on the 23.7.15 with a weekend of all things zine.  
The project then plans to travel across the globe to different independent galleries over the course of a year with the hope of growing at every new location. They hope that by the time it makes it back to London it can hit the 2000 mark.”



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