HurtCrafts: Zines etc.

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HurtCrafts is an editorial/DIY/craft project by A. Colombo and me

Ranging from photo zines to postcards, from weirdo art crafts.

Hurtcrafts is a way to put into play the mind and the hands, to give life to our creations combining not only different experiences, but also more media than photography.

Hurtcrafts = cellulose + celluloid + silicon + blood

It is us, our words, our images, our wounds, without intermediaries, without intelligentsia.

We believe in the philosophy of DIY, but where we do not have the skills or the equipment to do ourselves, we try to reach out artisans to help us: craftsmens who get dirty hands, those who set machineries carefully for you and not only just an employee who click an aseptic button on a pc.

Go and see  ————> HurtCrafts

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